08Sep 2017

CBD Hemp Oil For Sale

September 8, 2017 Blog

We have a phone # listed on our new site and we get daily calls from customers with the same question: Where can I buy CBD Hemp Oil Online?  Five years ago this questions was hard to answer. Now it is as easy as Clarify CBD Hemp Oil is for sale online here. You should […]

08Feb 2017

2017 Product Catalog

February 8, 2017 Blog

Please look through our 2017 Product Catalog.  If you are interested in Wholesale or Distribution of our products, please reach out to:    

28Jul 2016

Boulder, Colorado, July 25, 2016- CBDRx LLc, the premier producer of Colorado organically grown hemp has announced the appointment of Tim Gordon as their new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Gordon has already assumed all CEO responsibilities and has succeeded Marc Brannigan, who has stepped down in order to pursue other interests. Tim Gordon, known throughout […]

01Jul 2015

In the United States, hemp is often confused with marijuana. It’s a consumer misconception that has, for decades, slowed the market potential for hemp in the food, dietary supplement, textile, and even lumber industries. The dietary supplement industry, in particular, has a lot to gain from hemp, and not just with hemp oil and hemp […]