Boulder, Colorado, July 25, 2016- CBDRx LLc, the premier producer of Colorado organically grown hemp has announced the appointment of Tim Gordon as their new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Gordon has already assumed all CEO responsibilities and has succeeded Marc Brannigan, who has stepped down in order to pursue other interests.

Tim Gordon, known throughout the growing hemp industry for his expertise in the field of hemp genetics research and cultivation, has been part of the CBDRx team for approximately 18 months. Before being promoted to CEO, Tim served as the CBDRx Chief Agronomist. In addition to his new CEO responsibilities, Tim will continue as Chief Agronomist and oversee CBDRx hemp genetics research and development; all farming operations; and product development.

Mr. Gordon offered the following statement: “I joined CBDRx because I wanted to be a part of a company that shared my ethics and dedication to sustainable, organic farming protocols to produce improved hemp strains that yield pure, high quality CBD oils. Today, I am even more convinced that CBDRx is that company. I am proud to be part of a company committed to being the best while upholding the highest possible standards. With CBDRx, I am focused on producing high quality, pure products and accelerating the innovations CBDRx has introduced to this growing industry.  The opportunity that lies ahead for CBDRx is enormous. To be appointed to lead the dynamic CBDRx team is deeply humbling and incredibly exhilarating.”

As CBDRx Chief Agronomist, Tim has been passionate about the promotion of organic and sustainable farming throughout his career. Tim Gordon has authored, lectured and spoke on the benefits of the hemp plant and CBD for nearly 20 years. Tim is a dedicated hemp genetics researcher who has developed unique, improved strains, including the high- yield CBDRx cultivars. In addition, Tim is an active, enthusiastic member of state and national hemp associations and a consultant to numerous university hemp research programs as well as to legislators introducing industrial hemp statutes in states across the country.

“Tim is clearly the best choice to lead the CBDRx team and has the unanimous support of the Board of Directors”, said Jason Ballard, the Chief Financial Officer of the company, who continued: “With Tim Gordon as CEO, the board is very confident CBDRx has the leadership to grow our company and ensure our continuing success.”

Founded in Colorado in 2014, CBDRx specializes in the development, cultivation, processing, and wholesale distribution of medicinal-grade hemp-based CBD/cannabinoid products for the wellness, nutriceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. Utilizing certified organic protocols, CBDRx grows its exclusively organically grown CBD rich hemp from proprietary high-CBD, low-THC, broad-spectrum hemp strains yielding highest purity, medicinal grade CBD oils.

For additional assistance, please contact the CBDRx team: or 720.987.3737 or 800.593.1029

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