Organically Grown CBD Hemp in Colorado

Organically Grown Colorado Hemp: CBDRx is science based and committed to hemp genetics research and development to constantly improve our high CBD, low THC  broad cannabinoid spectrum hemp strains. CBDRx cultivation on our farms is sustainable, organically grown, using absolutely no pesticides-even organic pesticides- never plant spraying of any kind.

The CBDRx  unique, proprietary genetic strain of organically grown hemp contains  high CBD, low THC; a broad cannabinoid spectrum; and high in the essential terpenes and flavonoids. Extractions of our hemp plants will provide the essential whole-plant cannabinoid entourage effect. Our  pharmaceutical grade hemp  is  available for  wholesale distribution to producers of pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, wellness, health food, and hemp infused products.

CBDRx does not offer hemp seed, stalk, trim, or by- products common to other producers and the importers of foreign hemp which are usually very low in CBD and usually yield impure extractions tainted with arsenic and other heavy metals.

CBDRx uses the highest professional cultivation and quality standards.  We test using independent third parties to ensure consistent safety, potency, purity and aesthetics. Test results of our Organically grown hemp flower are available upon request.