Farms | Facilities

Corporate Headquarters – Boulder, CO

The CBDRx corporate, sales and marketing offices are  located  in downtown Boulder, Colorado, a block from the Pearl Street Mall at: 1434 Spruce Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Research & Development – Longmont, CO

Genetics, crossbreeding and tissue culture operations happen at our five-acre research and development farm and laboratory  in Longmont, Colorado, near Boulder.  Here, our experts refine new proprietary technologies applied to seed breeding and improving hemp plant cannabinoid ratios.

Cloning and Seed Propagation Facility – Pueblo, CO

Our indoor micro tissue propagation operations are located in Pueblo, Colorado. Here, over 100,000 cloned versions or seedlings of our hemp plants are produced, and are then  transferred to our nearby farm for cultivation and harvesting.

Outdoor Farm – Pueblo, CO

Just a few miles from the cloning facility is our large-scale, outdoor hemp cultivation farm producing our all natural, sustainably farmed hemp. With irrigation from mountain springs and fertile soil supplemented with local, organic compost, the hemp plants grow quickly and thrive in the most nutrient-rich environment possible.