Full Spectrum CBD Hemp, is the CBDRX Mission


Sustainably grown hemp cultivation has been the CBDRx mission from the beginning.  We operate our CBD hemp company with best business practices and commitment to highest ethics. CBDRx is dedicated to all-natural and sustainable farming methods that has helped us achieve our goal 0f producing  hemp rich in CBD and broad spectrum cannabinoids in a way that’s good for people, purpose, and planet.  Independent tests prove we produce the highest quality, broadest spectrum cannabinoid  hemp plant on the market.

CBDRx desires to be a hemp industry leader by supplying our manufacturing facility with one of the most stable strains of high CBD Cannabis currently known. This ensures quality, consistency and safety in our final products.


All hemp is not equal. Low grade  industrial hemp from Europe, China, and Canada has mostly low CBD and is often full of impurities including toxic heavy metals. Our superior, all-natural, sustainably grown hemp yields high CBD, low THC flower with a broad spectrum of supporting cannabinoids and terpenes that is used in our proprietary whole plant extraction process.

CBDRx is constantly striving to further improve the genetics of our already superior hemp strains. We are presently developing a new revolutionary strain having even higher CBD, high CBN, CBG and other cannabinoids, high terpenes, but with extremely low THC.


CBDRx produced 50,000 lbs of sustainably grown hemp flower on our Colorado hemp farms this year and expect our next crop to be larger. That means we never have to source hemp from anyone else, as every CBDRx product is made with CBDRx hemp.


We cross-breed specific strains of our hemp cultivars using genetic sequencing in our R&D facility. Using chromatography, we then  analyze the compounds in our hemp to be certain of their content and efficacy. By using reliable, consistent  methods to produce plants with the same genetics we are able to guarantee a consistent product.