• Bulk Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oils

    CBDRx highest quality, high purity, cannabinoid-rich CBD oils extracted with various methods, including supercritical CO2; lipid/ coconut oil; and  solvent- free hydrocarbon extractions from our Certified Organic Industrial hemp are  available for wholesale purchase in various amounts, from 1mL ( 1 gram) syringes to Kilograms.  Oils can be purchased either in raw state, winterized ( de-waxed) and decarboxylated, or with Terpenes removed.  Please contact us for inquiries regarding current oil strengths, cannabinoid profiles and custom formulations.

  • Artisan Products

    CBDRx is the premium US supplier for hemp and CBD products for the nutraceutical, cosmetic, vape  and edible markets.

  • Pharmaceutical | Clinicians

    CBDRx offers whole plant CBD medicinal hemp materials for compounding and new product development. CBDRx hemp yields pure, pharmaceutical grade, broad spectrum cannabinoid oils .

  • Nutraceutical | Wellness

    Our proven, high quality, pure cbd-rich finished products and bulk oils are available to nutraceutical product manufacturers and distributors. Wellness clinics,  medical practitioners and therapist are invited to become wholesale purchasers.

  • Pets | Natural Products

    The CBD  pet product market is expanding rapidly.  Current research  claims that CBD is a safe, effective treatment for a variety of pet conditions.